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About Me

Tattoo Artist & Stylist

LaTonia Gatling, better known as Toni, is a self- taught tattoo artist, and a stylist that specializes in cuts, color, and natural hair. Growing up, she was always into anything dealing with the arts, and viewing every aspect of life from an artistic view. Although she never imagined a career in the arts, in 2010 her life took on an entire new path. From College student majoring in Forensic Chemistry, on an athletic scholarship for softball, and working part-time at Ruby Tuesdays and Dominos, to delivering a pizza that opened the door to her future.   

Born a leader, it has been her goal to open her own business doing what she loves and enjoys most, Art! Having a deep passion for what she does, and only knowing how to stand up for what she believes in, it has been hard to just settle for "any" shop. Using what she knows, and has experienced from a client's, employee's and owner's perspective, Toni has begun on a journey to bring you a studio, not only unique in services, but also in who and what it has to give!

Please take a moment of your time to browse through the services offered by Toni. Contact us to schedule an appointment, and start on the road to become her artistic canvas today!