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About Me

Stylist & Make-Up Artist

Kaila Sykes, truly one of a kind at what she does, is our talented and creative make-up artist, and stylist. She specializes in hair extensions, units(wigs), hair color, haircuts, natural hair, and she is not limited to just those services. Introduced to the industry by peaked overnight interest, she has found her hidden talent and niche! A hard worker, enthusiast, and strong believer of client appreciation, Kaila's passion for what she does and believes in shows in all of her creations!

Determined and eager to turn many of the salon industry's wrongs, into rights; Kaila has set on a journey with Toni to open a studio equal in quality, and client satisfaction and understanding. She is striving to make a remarkable career out of this new found passion, and be a force to this industry! 

Kaila is a quick learner, a creative and hard worker, and attentive with deep understanding of her clients. She understands that doing hair and make-up is not just a service; however, a big confidence booster for many, and also a chance to help others feel "like a celebrity" for a day.  

Please take a moment of your time to browse through Kaila's services. Do not hesitate to contact us and set up an appointment. We all deserve "a little spotlight!"