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Taking Care of Your Tattoo

1. Remove bandage as soon as you arrive home. (No more than 2 hours)

2. Wash your hands with a mild antibacterial soap. Then lather and rinse your tattoo with the antibacterial soap, repeating the process three times. Make sure it is completely clean; of blood and plasma; and not slick.

3. Pat dry with a clean towel or paper towel. Then let sit and air dry for at least 45 minutes.

4. With a clean finger, apply a thin layer of ointment (A little goes a long way!). Recommendations are T2U True Serum, Aquaphor, Redemption and other comparable products. Every artist recommendation is different, and everyones skin reacts to different products differently.

5. Wait 10 minutes and blot off and seeping body fluids (plasma) with a clean paper towel. Lightly blot until no more appears. Plasma is bad for your tattoo! It is critical that you keep plasma from accumulating, drying, and sticking to your tattoo. When dry it looks shiny and a little crusty; wash your tattoo if you see a buildup of plasma.

6. Do not bandage!

7. After 3-5 days, you may begin using a fragrance free lotion (preferably Jergens, Lubriderm, or Eucerin), or if already using T2U True Serum or Redemption, continue use.

**Contact your artist or the studio immediately if there is a question or concern.

The Healing- "Ugly" Stages

    There will be a point in healing, where your tattoo goes through what many calls the "ugly" stages. During this time you may experience dry and flaky skin, peeling, some pale spots, and itchiness. Do your best to avoid excessive dry spots; however, do not over saturate with ointment. Avoid scratching or peeling your tattoo at any cost, for it may remove any pigments or leave a scar. Just a hint of T2U True Serum or lotion (Jergens, Lubriderm, or any fragrance-free) helps to sooth the itch. Lastly remember to wait out the full 10-14 days for your tattoo to be anywhere near healed, or looking back to normal.

Common Questions

*Can I be in the sun?

Do your best to avoid the sun until the tattoo is fully healed, preferably 7-14 days. To increase the longevity of your tattoo, always wear sunscreen!

*Can I go swimming?

Please Resist the urge to jump in a pool, lake, ocean, or hot tub for at least 10-14 days. Shower regularly; however, do not submerge or sit your tattoo in hot water.

*What form of payment do you accept?

We accept cash and paypal.

*What is the tattoo minimum?

$50 is the minimum for a tattoo. It does not matter how small the tattoo is. The set-up and break-down to provide a clean and safe tattoo is the same regardless of the size of the tattoo.

*Do I have to have a drawing ready for when I come in?

No. That is what we are here for. A clear idea of what you want and any photo references you have will be helpful.

*What is the service minimum?

Guest setting appointments for hair or makeup services, must be receiving a minimum of $30 in services.

*One piece of advice for someone looking to get tattooed:

Tattoos are easy to put on, and difficult to take off. The art of tattooing, is really about doing it right the first time. This is not an easy task! -Gabe Ripely. Off The Map Tattoo